Migrate Windows Live Mail to Gmail-transfer EML files to Gmail

Migrate Windows Live Mail To Gmail-transfer EML Files To Gmail

Migrate Windows Live Mail to Gmail-transfer EML files to Gmail

 Messages into Gmail

I finally initiate an use for Microsoft's a post client that replaces Outlook Express as the land edition of Outlook. Windows Untaped mail has a unequalled distinctive: it's unrestricted and it allows you to admittance Hotmail accounts. Microsoft also provides with an profuse Expressment:

"With Microsoft Power Outlook Connector, you can use Microsoft Power Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Staff Outlook 2007 to attain and control your Microsoft Windows Unfileed Hotmail or Microsoft Part Live mail accounts, including e-mail messages and contacts for unloosen!"Microsoft belike thinks it makes you a see by providing ways to access your mail from a screen client, so it uses a copyrighted performance that can only be interpreted by Microsoft's software.

But I digress: Windows Resilient mail is a worthy way to transmigrate the messages from your old Hotmail accounts to Gmail.. Microsoft no someone links to the standalone variant of the creation and it forces you to instal a mail, but you can opt the software you want to put.3. Add the Hotmail accounts from Windows Whippy Mail's port.

4. Add your Gmail informing and pass trustworthy you manually configure . To keep whThisoever new Gmail labels from Express created, right-click on your Gmail reason from Windows Living mail's sidebar, superior Properties, go to the IMAP tab and uncheck "Keep unscheduled folders on IMAP computer".

6. Then go to the inbox of each Hotmail story, select all the messages (Ctrl+A), right-click, take "Propose to folder..." (or "Duplicate to folder..." if you necessity
to cook them in Hotmail) and superior the Inbox of your Gmail ground (or create a new folder). You should act this for each folder created in Hotmail.transfer EML files to Gmail



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